The Secret to Forgiveness - Genesis 45

After Joseph hears the heart of his brother Judah, and sees how much his brothers have changed over the years, he can no longer keep his identity hidden. Joseph orders everyone to leave the room so he can reveal his true identity to his brothers. 

In the midst of this exchange, we see an extraordinary act of forgiveness and reconciliation.

Joseph had the power and authority to have his brothers imprisoned or even executed.  Instead, he spoke words of comfort and invited them to come closer. He wept and embraced them. Then he lavished incredible gifts upon them and the rest of their families. 

Joseph knew something that they didn't. He knew that God was in control of all the circumstances that led to this moment. Although his brothers originally meant to do him harm (Gen. 37:18), God was working to redeem the situation and bring about a blessing for Joseph, his brothers, the future nation (Gen. 50:20), and the entire world (Gen. 22:18). 

In this study we see a very practical guide for forgiveness and reconciliation our own relationships, while also learning about Jesus' relationship with Israel and His Church. 

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    Key Points:

    1. Real forgiveness does not want to cause additional injury to those who harmed you.
    2. We can rise above our own pain when we know the God who comforts us.
    3. We need to recognize that people who injure us are immature and broken, and God is also working in them to bring transformation.
    4. When we know the true power and character of God, we can trust Him through even the darkest of times knowing that their will be light and goodness in the end.
    5. God forgives us and offers us incredible gifts, but most importantly, He invites us to come and dwell with Him so he can provide for us.