Do You Want To Be Healed? John 5:1-17

A large number of crippled people gathered at a pool near the temple in a desperate and superstitious hope for healing. After many years, one man had lost hope and didn't see how he could ever be healed. His life changed when Jesus asked Him a simple yet profound question. 

Key Takeaways:

  1. Jesus sees and knows each person.
  2. The command of God comes with power of God to accomplish His will.
  3. God wants to activate your faith to release His power.
  4. Jesus used the obvious physical condition to reveal the unknown spiritual condition.
  5. We desire physical healing, but do we acknowledge we need spiritual healing?
  6. Jesus ministry on Earth was just a foretaste of the Kingdom of Heaven where everyone will be healed.
  7. We must trust Jesus for complete healing in His perfect timing.

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