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A Six-Week Study of the Essential Truths of the Christian Faith. 

Next Session starts April 30, 2017  @ 10ten


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Week 1 :: The Essentials of Faith

  • Salvation is by God’s grace through faith alone and not by any of our efforts (works)
  • Jesus has called us to be disciples (followers) and He expects a response
  • The difference between faith and religion
  • Faith is essential to salvation and pleasing God


 Week 2 :: Jesus – God, Man, Savior and Lord

  • The identity of Jesus and why we call Him Lord
  • What it means to allow Jesus to be Lord of your life
  • How God is working in us and how we can know Him and trust Him
  • How to identify areas in life that need to be submitted to the Lord


Week 3 :: The Word – The Message From God

  • The Bible is supernaturally inspired, inerrant Word of God
  • All of scripture is about Jesus
  • The basics structure, authorship and unified theme of the Bible
  • Scripture is relevant and essential for spiritual growth


Week 4 :: Prayer – Speaking with God

  • The purpose of prayer
  • Different kinds of prayer
  • How to pray
  • Prayer is essential to cultivating a relationship with God


Week 5 :: Fellowship – Living in Community

  • The purpose of the Church
  • Principles that create unity among believers
  • The importance of "building up" other believers
  • God gives supernatural gifts to operate within community


Week 6 :: Witnessing – Living out Your Faith

  • The Holy Spirit empowers believers to be a witness
  • Our actions have an influence on how others see Christ
  • Faith needs to be put into action
  • God’s transforming work is a process